Bach's Final Masterpiece, Liberated

The Art of the Fugue is is meant to be Bach's final and most majestic work, comprising 20 fugues and canons that all develop a central theme. The grand finale is designed to blow your mind: Bach attempts a triple fugue based on the musical spelling of his own name (B-A-C-H in German music notation), a gesture so grand that fate intervened to prevent it: Bach died before finishing the final fugue. 

Kimiko Ishizaka's interpretation of this work has developed over three years, thousands of hours of studies and repeat live performances around the world. She has also composed an ending to the fugue that Bach left incomplete. Kimiko spent five days in the Teldex recording studio with a hand-picked Bösendorfer Vienna Concert piano making her best recording to date. 

To hear this recording, and to get the sheet music for the ending she composed, please support Kimiko on Without help from fans like you, Kimiko's recording projects won't happen. With your support, Kimiko will release this recording and her new composition to the public domain to contribute to free and open culture, exactly as she has done with the Open Goldberg Variations and the Open Well-Tempered Clavier. 

The Art of the Fugue is music for the rest of your life. Open yourself to Bach's magic. Thank you for your support!