Chopin's 24 Préludes on an 1832 Pleyel

When Kimiko played Bach at the Manifold Studio in 2013, she met a man who owns an 1832 Pleyel piano that Chopin himself supposedly played. Chopin loved Pleyel, both the piano, and the man behind the piano, Camille Pleyel. The 24 Préludes are dedicated to Camille Pleyel. Furthermore, these preludes are inspired by Bach's preludes in The Well-Tempered Clavier. So many connections!

Now, Kimiko is raising money to record the 24 Préludes on that Pleyel, in the Manifold Studio. She'll release high resolution audio, HD video, and photos of the event, all under a Creative Commons license. The project is running now on Kickstart - please support Kimiko!