Chopin Etudes op. 10 well received in Königswinter

Kimiko Ishizaka's premiere performance of the Chopin Etudes op. 10 (#1-8) was well received by music critic Guido Krawinkel writing for the Bonner General-Anzeiger. The concert took place on April 14, 2013, in Haus Bachem, Königswinter, and featured 10 of the 24 Préludes by Chopin, as well as Bach's Goldberg Variations.

[Ishizaka] opened the evening with excerpts from Chopin's Préludes op. 28 and Etudes op. 10 and showed not only her formidable technique, but also much feeling and sensibility for the subtle tones between the notes.

But Ishizaka's virtuosic opening wasn't just an athletic showcase. The passionate weightlifter, who after all made it all the way to German Vice-champion, proved herself to be less a muscle man than a sensitive interpreter. 

And of her Goldberg Variations:

Here Ishizaka was naturally in her element, and played the 30 variations with a vast freshness and capacity for feeling