Classical:NEXT announces special performance featuring Kimiko Ishizaka

Classical:NEXT is a new conference taking place in Munich, Germany, from May 30 to June 2. Today they announced that Kimiko Ishizaka and MuseScore will be a special featured performance at the peak of the conference.

In a special performance that marries the music of Bach and cutting edge internet technology, internationally acclaimed pianist Kimiko Ishizaka will perform Bach’s Goldberg Variations at Classsical:NEXT. Thanks to an audio tracking technology and a special new digital edition of the Goldberg Variations score, the audience will be able to follow along with the score as Ishizaka plays. The score, which was created using the open source notation software MuseScore, as well as Ishizaka's recent recording of the Variations, were crowdfunded by fans and released to the public domain as a part of the Open Goldberg Variations project.

Project Manager Robert Douglass says: "Classical:NEXT is a unique chance to show the innovative work done by MuseScore and Kimiko Ishizaka during the Open Goldberg Variations project, and to meet the visionaries from the music industry who are creating the future of the business."

More details are available on the conference website.
Press release (PDF).