Critics love Kimiko Ishizaka's Goldberg Variations

Kimiko Ishizaka played an aggressive program in Bonn, Germany, on Sunday, March 13, and the critics loved it.

She played six preludes and fugues from the Well Tempered Klavier (BWV 854-859), Schubert's "Moments musicaux" D 780 op. 94, and the Goldberg Variations, with repeats.

Mathias Nofze of the Bonner General-Anzeiger wrote:

"She has matured into a high-profile soloist."

"Ishizaka played the six preludes and fugues from the Well Tempered Klavier with an impressively differentiated touch of expression, allowing the music to breathe beautifully, in keeping with the spirit of Bach, who wished for a 'cantabile style of playing'."

"Time and again the music plunged into the shadows of the extremely cautious and nuanced pianissimo range"

Felicitas Zink from the Rundschau wrote:

"She played with total focus on both the bass lines and the varied harmonies of this complicated composition, providing an appropriately rich variety of tempos. It was remarkably well-reproduced with only minimal pedaling: despite the piano lid being completely open, the lines were always clear and audible. "

"The clearly contoured yet richly contrasted musical structures unwound expressively in the intimately introspected slower variations, alongside the faster passages"

"A truly extraordinary, top-class piano evening!"

This photo was taken while Kimiko was warming up for the concert.