Kimiko Ishizaka Interview: Meet the Artist

On the eve of the final concert in the Well-Tempered Clavier world tour, the CrossEyedPiano blog has posted an interview with Kimiko Ishizaka exploring her early influences and the connection between sports and music.

The inspiration to play piano came to me at the age of four when my mother first placed my tiny hands on the keyboard and pushed my fingers down with hers, thus teaching me the first piece I learned, the Minuet BWV 114 from Anna Magdalena’s Notebook, which at that time we still believed to be a piece by J.S. Bach. I say inspiration, but really it was a decision: a decision, that I would be a pianist, which was probably made before I was born.

Read the rest at Some tickets are still available for Wednesday's concert at the 1901 Arts Club, London.