Kimiko Ishizaka reviews for Mozart and Beethoven piano concerti

Kimiko Ishizaka is an experienced soloist with orchestra, even if her focus in recent times has been on the solo piano repertoire. Here are reviews from performances of Mozart and Beethoven piano concerti from some years ago. Kimiko's concerto repertoire also includes the Grieg Concerto, Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 3, and Brahms Concerto No. 1

1996, Classical Philharmonie Telekom, Mozart Piano Concerti No. 3 (KV 40) in D major, No. 4 (KV 41) in G major

a proper fire was sparked by the young pianist from Bonn, Kimiko Ishizaka, and illustrated what kinds of possibilities of interpretation lie within both piano concerti (KV 40 and 41), which can factually be counted among the lighter and more playful repertoire. She bravely tackled her part, enchanted through coy and peppery playfulness, mastered the trills and figurework perfectly securely, and in the cadenzas, developed a measure of bravura, without crossing the borders of so-called good taste.

Her sensitive cultured touch revealed itself especially in the andante movements, in which she was completely able to convey the mood of the later concerti. For the encore, she shaped the first movement of the Haydn Sonate in B Minor, No. 32 in her own style, dry and energetic.

1999, Hofgartenorchester, University Bonn, Beethoven Concerto No. 4

The orchestra managed to obtain the pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, from Bonn, whose interpretation gave her part its own dimensions. With technical bravado, she proved great courage and energy, especially in the extended solo cadenza in the frist movement, where she showed her intuition for the sounding out of extremes, reaching from the starkly lyrical to the incessently insistant moments.