Kimiko Ishizaka travels to Vienna to meet the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial CEUS

Kimiko recently travelled to Vienna, Austria, to meet the Bösendorfer team, visit their factory in Wiener Neustadt, and test drive the 290 Imperial CEUS that will be used for making the Goldberg Variations recording in January. It is good to start to get familiar with the sound, colors, touch and quirks of the piano.

The factory is simply amazing. Jan Sauerzapf, who is in charge of the CEUS technology department, gave a great tour and showed the entire process of building a Bösendorfer piano. The CEUS piano is amazing. It uses light sensors to measure the velocity of the hammers as they strike the string, and it measures the pedal movements as well. The result is a piano that plays itself as sensitively as the pianist. To use the software, one opens a remote desktop connection to the Windows XP computer that is inside the piano. Yes, there's a whole computer, in the piano.

More excitingly, the piano sounds awesome!!! Kimiko was thrilled by the richness and sheer colorfulness of the instrument. Many thanks to Jan Sauerzapf and the entire Bösendorfer team for the ongoing support!