Open Goldberg Variations receive great reviews from Gramophone, Fanfare, others

Kimiko Ishizaka's recording of J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations was released in May, 2012. It has since been reviewed numerous times. Here are some highlights:

Ishizaka's interpretation is characterised by straightforward musicianship, immaculate technical aplomb, and a warm, beautifully modulated sonority. Counterpoint passes back and forth between the hands in a conversational and judiciously balanced manner, while a strong lyrical impulse informs the cross-handed variations' rapid, bravura passages. --Jed Distler, Gramophone Magazine

She has the fleet fingers to speed through the virtuoso variations with compelling clarity and the sensitivity to probe the dramatic potential of the slower, more profound numbers, pleasurably aided by her consistently lovely tone. --Robert Schulslaper, Fanfare Magazine

... there is always a feeling of spontaneity and life in her performances; if anything, one feels that the pianist sees many of these variations almost like Baroque dance movements ... Variation 9, the canon at the third, and Variation 13 are both lovely examples of her style with its dips in dynamcs, subtle rubato, and slight ornamentation on the repeats, aspects that work in her performance because they all feel very natural. --Scott Noriega, Fanfare Magazine

The sound quality of the recording is top notch, which is a testament to both executive producer Anne-Marie Sylvestre's skill and the Teldex Studio's acoustics. It isn't too dry but the room's influence is deftly controlled. The sound isn't too bright either, which probably reflects the dark sound of the Bosendorfer piano. It makes the recording sound a tad tame on cheap headphones but allows top-notch stereo systems to play the album without brittleness.

In fact, the album's an audiophile gem.
 --Christopher Lim, The Business Times