Positive reviews for the Well Tempered Clavier tour

Kimiko Ishizaka's Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, was reviewed in both Köln, Germany, and New York City. 

The reviewer in Köln, Fritz Herzog writing for the General Anzeiger, called Kimiko the "exegete of Bach" (an expounder or interpreter of Bach), likened her performance to one by Sviatoslav Richter from deacades earlier, and said "Ishizaka vividly carves out the individual characteristics, contrasts, and relationships of the 48 pieces from the rather lyric sounding instrument and thus creates an understandable cyclic context that is far from sounding academically settled in.

"Mit musikalischer Sorgfalt arbeitet Ishizaka auf diesem eher lyrisch klingenden Instrument die jeweiligen Charakteristika, Bezüge und Kontraste der 48 Teile plastisch heraus und schafft so einen fern ab aller Akademik angesiedelten und nachvollziehbaren zyklischen Kontext."

After attending Kimiko's performance in the WMP Concert Hall in New York, James R. Oestreich, writing for the New York Times, called her "a gifted and obviously devoted Bachian", and added "Ms. Ishizaka kept things moving nicely and raised the energy level after intermission, occasionally rising to a touch of virtuosic flair, as in the A major Fugue, which she ended with a private little smile."