Success with Bach in London

With Kimiko's final performance of the Well-Tempered Clavier in the 1901 Arts Club on January 30, 2013, the world tour has finished. The reviews of the London performance were all very positive, here are some excerpts:

Robert Hugill wrote: "This was an evening of contrasts, because innately Ishizaka seems a very intense, poetic player and her rendering of some of the preludes was intensely moving and not a little romantic. But her command of structure in the fugues went beyond impressive, she was able to bring poetry to the fugues without blurring their structure. Some of the minor key fugues in particular were most glorious in their intensity. She was also open to the other-worldly and mysterious aspects of Bach's art, bringing out the strange intense worlds which some of the fugues go into."

Frances Wilson wrote: "Ms Ishizaka eschewed the pedal throughout, though not through any wish to present a historically authentic performance. Rather, she did not need it: her superior legato technique created some exquisite cantabile playing, especially in the slow movements, while sprightly passagework and lively tempi gave the suggestion of the harpsichord in the rapid movements."

And Susan Moisan wrote: "Ishizaka confidently and with great style demonstrated the beauty of the flow, whilst maintaining the integrity of the separate pieces and captivating her audience so that they responded with a passion for the music that was plain to see and demonstrated by a standing ovation."