Kimiko Ishizaka and The Open Goldberg Variations

The Open Goldberg Variations were released on May 28, 2012. Recorded by Kimiko Ishizaka on a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial in the Teldex Studio, Berlin, produced by Anne-Marie Sylvestre, this recording is the first fan-funded, open source and completely free recording ever produced. In addition, has made a new published edition of the Goldbergs using an open peer review process and leading-edge open source software. Best of all, everything produced is free for you to use, share, and copy, forever.

"She has the fleet fingers to speed through the virtuoso variations with compelling clarity and the sensitivity to probe the dramatic potential of the slower, more profound numbers, pleasurably aided by her consistently lovely tone."

Robert Schulslaper, Issue 36:1 (Sept/Oct 2012), Fanfare Magazine

"... there is always a feeling of spontaneity and life in her performances; if anything, one feels that the pianist sees many of these variations almost like Baroque dance movements ..."

"Variation 9, the canon at the third, and Variation 13 are both lovely examples of her style with its dips in dynamcs, subtle rubato, and slight ornamentation on the repeats, aspects that work in her performance because they all feel very natural."

Scott Noriega, Issue 36:1 (Sept/Oct 2012), Fanfare Magazine