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The Well-Tempered Clavier, complete video now available

Watch J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Volume 1, complete with notation, on YouTube.

Gramophone Magazine Interview with Kimiko Ishizaka "Ishizaka plays the 24 preludes and fugues with impeccable taste and technique, finding many levels of musical meaning even as she brings utmost clarity to the multiplicity of textures."

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Kimiko Ishizaka recorded Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier at the Teldex Studios in July, 2014. It has now been released on the Navona label in March, 2015.

Kimiko Ishizaka's Concerts

Premiere: J.S. Bach, "Kunst der Fuge", komplett.

St. Aposteln, Neumarkt 30, Cologne, Germany

Kimiko Ishizaka spielt J.S. Bachs "Kunst der Fuge".

Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080 (komplett)

  1. Contrapunctus 1
  2. Contrapunctus 2
  3. Contrapunctus 3
  4. Contrapunctus 4
  5. Contrapunctus 5
  6. Contrapunctus 6 a 4 in Stylo Francese
  7. Contrapunctus 7 a 4 per Augmentationem et Diminutionem
  8. Contrapunctus 8 a 3
  9. Contrapunctus 9 a 4 alla Duodecima
  10. Contrapunctus 10 a 4 alla Decima
  11. Contrapunctus 11 a 4
  12. Contrapunctus inversus 12 a 4 (Forma inversa)
  13. Contrapunctus inversus a 4 (Forma recta)
  14. Contrapunctus inversus a 3 (Forma recta)
  15. Contrapunctus inversus a 3 (Forma inversa)
  16. Canon per Augmentationem in Contrario Motu
  17. Canon all Ottava
  18. Canon alla Decima in Contrapunto alla Terza
  19. Canon alla Duodecima in Contrapunto alla Quinta
  20. Fuga a 3 Soggetti

Das Konzert wird ohne Pause gespielt. Dieses Konzert wird als Teil der "Bach in the Subways" Reihe veranstaltet. http://bachinthesubways.org/

Samstag, 19. März 2016, von 20:30 Uhr bis 23:15 Uhr (CET)

ORT St. Aposteln - Neumarkt 30 Köln 50677 DE -


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